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Debt Collection Attorney in Gainesville, FL

Our Debt Collection Attorneys Aggressively Represent Florida Business Owners' Rights

You have every right to get paid money legally owed to you. Whether you are a sole proprietor, company owner, finance company or bank, a Gainesville debt collection attorney can file a collections lawsuit on your behalf and work tirelessly to recover money that should have been paid to you weeks, months or years ago.

Filing a Collections Lawsuit in Florida

If you have a judgment against an entity or individual and have yet to receive that judgment in full, we can help you expedite collection on that judgment. As experienced and knowledgeable debt collection attorneys, we pursue recovery of debts by utilizing collection (post-judgment) remedies applicable under Florida debt collections laws. These laws include writs of execution and writs of garnishment. In addition, we can help you even if you have not obtained a judgment on a debt. Our debt collection attorneys initially send demand letters to those who owe you money. However, since we are not a collection agency, we move quickly and assertively to the next step if there is no response.

This step involves filing a collections lawsuit on behalf of you or your company. After obtaining a judgment in your favor, your debt lawyer rapidly takes determined actions to enforce the judgment. Our primary goal is to employ all legal methods available under Florida debt collection law to achieve the results you want and expect.

Services Provided by a Debt Collections Attorney

We file debt collections lawsuits involving:

  • Promissory notes (letters of credit, personal guarantees, various credit extensions)

  • Secured loans (vehicle loans, mortgages)

  • Unsecured loans (medical bills, credit cards, etc)

  • Commercial debt collections

  • Bad/bounced/dishonored checks

  • Enforcement of successfully litigated judgments

Waiting For
Someone To Pay You?

Your Florida Debt Attorney Can Help You Enforce Judgments

In Florida, we can have a marshal or sheriff seize a debtor's assets, such as equipment, vehicles, real estate property and other items that can be sold for cash. Bank accounts may also be seized via account levies. If we obtain a judgment on your behalf for a wage garnishment of the debtor, we will ensure that you not only receive monies from the garnishment but will also seek garnishment of the debtor's checking or savings accounts, if applicable.

Start the Process of Recovering What is Owed to You Today

Our debt collection attorneys are skilled and experienced enough to address and resolve all your Florida debt collection needs. Call (352) 488-2372 to schedule a free consultation. You can also email us with questions about filing a debt collection lawsuit and receive helpful answers in a timely manner. We know it can be frustrating and time-consuming to turn a collection judgment into monies owed to you or your business. So call us today and start the process of putting the expertise and power of a Florida debt collections law firm to work for you and your best interests.