Representing Contractors And Consumers

At The Law Office of Thomas McDermott, a significant part of our business law practice involves representing Florida-based construction professionals and consumers. As with any area of the law where disputes arise, construction presents unique complexities that require the help of skilled and seasoned counsel.

Handling a legal problem without an experienced lawyer or putting it in the hands of a lesser-experienced attorney can put significant investments at risk.

Experience In Resolving Both Sides Of Construction Disputes

Tom McDermott's comprehensive experience in construction law comes from representing both sides in complex contract disputes. That all-encompassing background provides him insight into the opposition, a unique point of view our clients need when so much is at stake.

While many cases that come to our firm require resolution of contractor/subcontractor disputes and enforcing construction liens, we also represent consumers. Oftentimes, contractors make promises that they cannot keep and leave repairs undone. The aftermath of Hurricane Irma, in particular, saw many out-of-state contractors making promises that they had no intention of keeping.

Tom McDermott's track record of success is the result of his detail-oriented approach. Thorough preparation not only helps to secure the resolution they need, but also saves his clients time and money.

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For help resolving a construction-related dispute, contact The Law Office of Thomas McDermott at 352-283-8707. You can also set up an initial consultation by emailing our Gainesville law firm.